Garage full of recycled items

Recycle Event

Fall Date:  September 10, 2019

7:30 am to 5:00 pm

Where? - Two Rivers Water & Light, 1415 Lake St. (Next door to McDonalds.) Drive-up drop-off, watch for signs.

Why?  -  Proper recycling prevents toxic heavy metal and other hazardous waste from harming the local lakes and rivers.

Fees in effect for 2019:

  • Incandescent Lights - $0.20-$0.25 each
  • Fluorescent Lights - $0.20 - $0.40 each
  • Fluorescent Circular or U-Tubes - $0.20 each
  • CFL's - $0.45 each
  • LED Bulbs - $2.40 each
  • Non-PCB Ballasts - No Charge.  Please note: We will no longer be accepting any PCB ballasts.  PCB ballasts may be recycled at the Manitowoc County Recycling Center. 
  • Alkaline Batteries - $1.00 lb (No Charge for Rechargeable Batteries)
  • All TV's, Any Size, Any Type - $15.00 each (no size limits)
  • All Monitors - $10.00 each
  • Room Air Conditioners, Dehumidifiers, Room A/C units, Dorm-Size Refrigerators - $5.00 each 
  • No Charge for Other Electronics including items such as: Microwaves; Computers; laptops, printers; keyboards; VCR/DVD players; radios; cell phones; etc.  We will accept just about anything with an electric plug.
  • No Charge for Mercury Items: thermometers, thermostats, switches, relays.

You do not need to be a customer of TRW&L to bring recyclables to this event.
Large appliances and smoke detectors are not accepted.  Call with questions: (920) 793-5550