Renewable Energy Made Easy

DChoose Renewable Signupid you know that with Choose Renewable it only takes two or three blocks of renewable energy to power the average home for a month? And, with no equipment to buy or install, there's no need to worry about payback periods or annual maintenance costs.

Only $2 per month

That’s worth repeating. Our Choose Renewable program starts at only $2 per month. That’s less than a good cup of coffee (and it won’t keep you up at night)! See how Choose Renewable is more affordable than ever.


Renewable energy from the Midwest

At Two Rivers Water & Light, we strive to give you many choices of where your energy comes from. With Choose Renewable, you not only ensure that more of our energy comes from renewable resources, but that it is also generated right here in the Midwest. It adds up to a smaller carbon footprint for you, and a cleaner, greener world for everyone.


 Energy from sustainable resources

Choose Renewable uses a socially responsible energy mix of solar, wind and biogas resources to increase your positive impact on the environment, giving you the opportunity to eliminate your use of fossil fuels completely. With Choose Renewable, you can make a difference.


For more information download the Choose Renewable program information sheet and watch the video below.


Sign up today

Joining is easy, simply complete the Choose Renewable Sign Up Form. There is no special equipment to install, and no change in the way you receive or use energy. You can start or stop your participation at any time, and you can use as many blocks of renewable energy as you like. Get started today!