Two Rivers School District Earns Energy Efficiency Award

AwardTwo Rivers Public School District received an Energy Efficiency Excellence Award for its continued efforts to reduce energy waste in its buildings.

In 2017, with support from Two Rivers Water & Light and WPPI Energy and energy advisors from Focus on Energy, the district switched the interior lighting in all of its buildings to LED fixtures and did the same for athletic field lighting. These changes will produce estimated savings of $42,000 per year—a 10% improvement from the year prior.

Since 2013, Two Rivers Public Schools has partnered with Focus on Energy to reduce energy waste and lower electricity costs, freeing up more money for education. After performing HVAC tune-ups and retro-commissioning in 2013, the district continued to better their energy efficiency in 2014/2015 with numerous capital upgrades. Those improvements included LED exterior lighting, reduced-wattage fluorescent lightbulbs, high-efficiency boilers, hot water heaters, and more efficient heating and cooling systems.

The 2017 LED lighting conversions earned Two Rivers Public Schools over $49,000 in incentives from Focus on Energy and another $12,000 from WPPI. Speaking even further to the district’s commendable efforts, Two Rivers High School has improved its ENERGY STAR energy efficiency score from the 25th percentile in 2010 to the 82nd percentile in January of 2018.

 Focus on Energy is working with utility companies across the state to present 16 Energy Efficiency Excellence Awards to outstanding businesses, schools and institutions.

 A recent evaluation report found every $1 invested in Focus on Energy programs creates $5.93 in benefits for Wisconsin, including economic benefits, reduced energy costs, and reduced pollution.